Div PHP Matrix

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This dynamic matrix manipulation class in PHP goes beyond conventional operations, offering dynamic calculations and diverse output formats for versatile applications.

It introduces a layer of dynamic logic where cells execute functions, allowing for flexible backend logic. The true power lies in crafting robust backend logic, akin to spreadsheet functionalities tailored for web development. Automatic recalculation is notable, but its strength lies in facilitating complex business logic.

Consider it as a tool for architecting backend logic using a spreadsheet-like paradigm. Dynamic calculations create interconnected matrices, triggering logical events across cells and matrices seamlessly.

The library empowers developers to create responsive systems, adapting to user interactions. Exporting data in various formats, including XML and JSON, extends its utility in web development.

A cell's ability to execute dynamic logic is a game-changer, allowing intricate and adaptable behavior defined by a function. Activating or deactivating cells opens possibilities to tailor business logic on-the-fly.

In essence, Div PHP Matrix Library not only facilitates dynamic recalculations but empowers adaptive backend logic. Its fluid response, driven by cell activation and deactivation, showcases potential in crafting dynamic applications.

The library seamlessly integrates with other divengine/* projects (div, ways, nodes, ajaxmap & orm), forming a comprehensive and non-obtrusive toolkit for PHP developers, enhancing dynamic backend capabilities.